The HFW Companies adds to its operations leadership

The HFW Companies (HFW), in an effort to further support its vision of building a preeminent network of AE legacy partners that provides a gateway to accelerated growth and leverages its partners’ collaborative expertise, has hired civil engineering veteran Thomas Parrott, PE, as its newly created director of operations.

HFW added the new position, according to Scott Williams, PE, vice president of operations, to provide additional guidance and support for the growing number of HFW Partner firms as they work to align with one another to pursue national-scale project collaborations and share best practices.

“Thomas’s top priorities will revolve around optimizing our multi-office and work-sharing capabilities, fostering a collaborative culture, and enhancing financial transparency for clear decision-making,” said Williams. “Thomas is a strong leader, collaborator, and strategic thinker. I look forward to working with him to help achieve HFW’s growth vision.”

Parrott comes from HFW Partner firm CRANSTON, based in Augusta, Ga., where he served for nearly 10 years, first as a project manager and then as head of civil engineering for the firm’s South Carolina operations. In between, he served briefly as city engineer for the city of Aiken, S.C. He was instrumental in launching CRANSTON’s new S.C. Midlands office in January 2023. CRANSTON joined the HFW Partner network in June 2022.

“I see a tremendous opportunity to make a significant impact at HFW,” said Parrott. “The prospect of optimizing multi-office and work-sharing capabilities aligns with my passion for leveraging technology and fostering collaboration. Furthermore, the commitment to staff and project management training aligns with my experiences in working with others in training and talent development. The combination of these factors presents an exciting opportunity to contribute to HFW.”

HFW, a fast-growing professional services firm with a national focus on the AE industry, currently serves a portfolio of seven strategic partner firms with a combined 400-plus employees and collective annual revenues that put HFW at 281 in Engineering News Record’s annual Top 500 ranking of the largest AEC companies.